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Bay Harbor--A Nice Place to Visit

The Receding Tide Cometh

March 10, 2014

Tags: Southern, fiction, Florida, old south, World War II

The Chinaberry Album
Bay Harbor is on my mind again. The saga of a small, coastal Florida town--full of secrets, hopes and intrigues--has been part of my life for a long time now. Truth to tell, it's my spiritual home, having much in common with my hometown of Port St. Joe.

In my past two books, The (more…)

Revisionist History

June 8, 2011

Tags: Paul Revere, Palin

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Does Sarah Palin envision herself as some modern day Paul Revere? I see a bit of projection in her belief that the night rider couldnít resist saying nyaa nyaa nyaa to the British soldiers as he was in route to warn the colonists of their approach. Sort of like someone taking her brood on a family vacation in a boldly painted bus announcing their approach at every tourist stop. Maybe sheís saying nyaa nyaa nyaa, Obama, donít think Iím not ready to defeat you.

In the News

May 31, 2011

Tags: Palin, Girl Scouts

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In the news: Nouveau riche Sarah Palin has traded Alaska for ritzy Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona, hmmm New hunting grounds? I find it hard to believe John McCain doesnít believe in torture. Why else would he have saddled us with this vacuous tube of lipstick?

And the Girl Scouts are being criticized for condoning (more…)

Rain Puddles in Heaven

January 18, 2011

Tags: President Obama's Speech In Tucson

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Rain Puddles in Heaven

I love that title, borrowed from President Obamaís speech given in Tucson, Arizona, on January 13, 2011. Speeches are so much in the news of late. The Kingís Speech is an incredible and honored movie in which Colin Firth gives a brilliant portrayal of a manís (Englandís King, (more…)

Publishing Dreams

January 13, 2011

Tags: Rachelle Gardner Post

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Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner had a post recently about publishing dreams becoming a nightmare - - publishers making decisions without the authorís approval. I am reminded once again of my good fortune in publishing The Chinaberry Album with Mercury House. I thought my original title perfect. A Way of Life described accurately what (more…)

Thank you, Betty White!

May 20, 2010

Tags: senior citizens

Thank you, Betty White!

Ms. White:

Do you realize what youíre doing for those of us in the senior citizen twilight zone? Youíve breathed new life into our ambitions, restored respect to our abilities and made us realize we arenít too old to stay up for SNL. Thank you from the bottom of our still beating hearts.

We realize that if Betty White can participate so fully in a revived career, thereís hope out there for those of us in our 60ís, 70ís or even 80ís and 90ís. Thereís no need for us to succumb to a label. Youíve definitely put a detour sign on The Road to Hospice.

Way to go, fair lady.

The Road to Hospice

April 2, 2010

Tags: caregiving

Anybody seen Carol D. OíDellís blogs? Sheís quite the authority on care giving, even has a bookóMothering Mother-- out on the subject. She reminds me that Iím no longer light years from the receiving end of care giving myself. Makes me contemplate what that might be like.

A call to one daughter would come back with something like: Oh, Mom, Iím so sorry you arenít well, but I have all these rescued dogs and I must find homes for them. You know how time consuming that is. I couldnít bring them all the way to the East Coast with me and have no place to leave them. You do understand, donít you? Couldnít you call Hospice instead?

A call to the other daughter and the conversation would probably go like this: Mom, Iíve told you and told you that you should quit eating meat and exercise more. Now get out of that bed and do a good 40 minute workout on the treadmill. And remember, if you donít sweat, it isnít a workout!

Should I heed the call of the treadmill or take a nap? What do you think Iíll do?

Return of the native

March 17, 2010

Tags: Returning

I haven't been on vacation. Takes a long time to revise a book, but I believe it's been worth the effort. Keep your fingers crossed that I can find an agent who feels the same way.
Do you think that Man of Steal,Bernie Madoff, believes "Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make?" And (more…)

My Eye on the News

August 10, 2009

Tags: News

And there is much in the news, but for things that have caught my eye:

Bernie Madoff, The Man of Steal, is having his mettle tested. Pun intended.

Members of South Carolina's first family, tired of crying for Argentina, are returning to the home place in Charleston.

Sarah, wink wink - nudge nudge, Palin signals she'd rather shoot a wolf than be a lame duck.

Michelle--the arms have it--Obama continues to dazzle with her unique fashion sense. A lovely First Lady.

Former President Bill Clinton's true colors shine through his diplomacy in securing N. Korean pardons for Euna Lee and Laura Ling

Michelle Envy

March 2, 2009

Tags: Arms

I don't envy Michelle Obama her First Lady status, nor her marriage to that cool guy we call Mr. President, not even her Pennsylvania Ave. address--Neptune Beach suits me. I do, however, envy her ability to wear sleeveless dresses. Oh how I envy that! She has arms and shoulders to die for.

When (more…)

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