Ruth Coe Chambers


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A Website and blog! Nicely done. Now I have a place to tell my favorite Ruth story, which is this: Carol O'Dell, Ruth's friend and a friend of mine, introduced me to Ruth in 2007 when I asked Carol some questions about the Florida First Coast Writers' Festival's playwriting contest. I'd just had a story published that I thought might be turned into a play, but I'd never done a play, let alone enter one in a contest. Clearly, I needed more than the scriptwritng books I'd been trying to make sense out of. "Talk to Ruth Chambers," Carol said. "She's been there, done that, and is entering again this year." So, Carol talked to Ruth, whom I then called. Ruth, gracious, funny, generous, and knowledgeable, told me this, told me that, told me everything and more about writing plays, the contest, the judges, and much else--which was outstandingly generous because I was going to compete with her and, for all she knew, might edge her out. (Not surprisingly, and much to my relief, that didn't happen: she placed first and I was second.) We finally met at the awards luncheon and she was as funny and gracious as she'd been by e-mail and telephone. We've been friends since, and I've had a chance to read some of her her very exceptional, talented work. She deserves and success she may have, and more.

Philip Carter

Your website is so clean (unlike so many others) and very attractively laid out. I didn't see anything on there about your short fiction and where you've published. I know you have more contributions to add to your list -- including you Chicken Soup... publications! - Your devoted fan, Kathy

Your website is great. Carlene

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

Selected Works

Magazine Articles
Crimson Love
Examines the twists and turns in the lives of the deceased, his widow and sister.
Literary Works
... a delicious period piece, full of the authentic flavor of the deep South."
--Rosemary Daniell
Author of Fatal Flowers and writing coach "Heat Lightning is a moving read you'll be sad to see end.
--Carol Costello
WRITE IN THE ZONE blogger and author of Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption "An enthralling read . . . Anna Lee (is) a character you won't soon forget."
-- Adair Lara
Writing coach and author of Naked, Drunk and Writing