Ruth Coe Chambers


“Chambers’ House on the Forgotten Coast left me in awe — of the well-crafted mystery and of the setting, a house filled with history and passion.”

House on the Forgotten Coast
by Ruth Coe Chambers
Fiction | 264 pages
Print: $16.15 | ISBN 978-1-63152-300-7
eBook $9.95 | ISBN 978-1-63152-301-4
She Writes Press
September 2017


Like a monarch surveying her domain, the house has stood for over a hundred years in the fishing village of Apalachicola on Florida’s northwest coast. She has known life. She has known passionate love. She has known brutal death. But she has guarded her secrets well . . .

Then eighteen-year-old Elise Foster and her parents arrive from Atlanta in their silver Jaguar, bringing with them their own secrets and desires. Seeking friendship in their new community, they find instead that the townspeople resent their intrusion. But this intrusion on the house’s privacy also provides a pathway for the past and the present to merge—and for the truth behind an unsolved murder to finally be brought to light. As you strive to solve the mystery, you and the Fosters are forced to address two critical questions: What is real? What is delusion?

mystery, suspense, magical realism, ghosts, history,  misfit, drugs, family, 1879, 1987, secrets, emotions, exploration, marriage, love, Forgotten Coast, Apalachicola, Florida, historic house, small-town life, Southern small town, Genre-bender, Gothic Literature, Historical Thriller Suspense, Literary Fiction, Magical Realism, Southern Gothic, Suspense, Thriller, Time Slip and/or Time Shift, Women’s Fiction

First Coast Connect
9:00 AM09:00

First Coast Connect

Author Ruth Coe Chambers joins Melissa Ross, host and producer of First Coast Connect for a discussion of Ruth’s award-winning novel, House on the Forgotten Coast, and the rich history of the hurricane-devastated Panhandle. The interview airs live on 89.9 WJCT’s First Coast Connect program at 9:00am, November 6, 2018, and will be rebroadcast at 8:00pm. Download the podcast of the program or listen online. Ruth and Melissa’s conversation begins at 32:32.

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Midtown Reader
5:30 PM17:30

Midtown Reader

Join author Ruth Coe Chambers for a reading from her novel, House on the Forgotten Coast. The book reading and signing event is hosted by the Midtown Reader in Tallahassee, Florida.

If you cannot make the reading but would like a personalized and signed copy of House on the Forgotten Coast, please call the Midtown Reader. The bookstore will set one aside for you and the author sign it to your specifications.  

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